Sherman VC Firefly

Sherman VC Firefly

Not for sale, discontinued!

Conversion kit from Sherman to Firefly 1/16

The Basic Kit includes over 50 pieces of high quality resin cast parts!

Here are some of the details and highlights:

~3 piece transmission cover
~Full upper deck M4A4 converted to Firefly specs including functional small hatch format, M4A4 rear deck, lifting hooks, functioning barrel travel lock, 2 options for the air intake screen and more!
~M4A4 turret converted to Firefly specs, functional split commanders and box loaders hatches, radio box, proper mantle, mountings to use HengLong elevation and gun mount systems and more!
~Firefly gun barrel with aluminum core and resin coating. (The aluminum barrel can be drilled out to install a flash unit)
~Separate appliqué armour giving more modeling choices
~Proper M4A4 rear engine doors to replace the A3 doors

Price: 145 EUR